Enrollment process for the English Conversation Practices at Engineering Faculty

The following is the information for the enrollment process for the English Conversation Practices. The requirements are mandatory.


1- You must be an active student in this semester.

2- You must provide us with your e-mail information, in order to be allowed to present the test. ( Please take the test, you think you are prepared for) DO NOT TAKE THE THREE TESTS: ONLY ONE.

 Please send your information to the following e-mails. Depending on your level, ( desired level ).

Beginners: lauris325@gmail.com , Intermediate: linuchis597@hotmail.com , Advanced: julio.c.rojas091183@gmail.com

3- You must present the test through our virtual campus, which will be open starting this friday afternoon FEB. 22, 2013 after 6 pm. The testing period will be until Tuesday FEB. 26, 2013 11:30 pm.

4- The interviews will take place on Thursday FEB: 28, 2013 in building 355 room 1010.

If you are accepted to participate in the course, you will be expected to attend classes just as any other class here at Univalle. If you are absent more than 3 times you will asked to stop attending and your spot will be given to another student. If we cannot finish all the interviews on that day, we will provide more information on that day. Good Luck to you all and please pass this information around so that everyone can take part. Thank you.

Class Schedules and Classrooms :

Level Beginner
Level  Advanced

7-8:30 am
Edificio 355-1010
7-8:30 am Edificio


3-5 pm Edificio 355- 1010
7-8:30 am
Edificio 351-1008
7-8:30 am Edificio 346 Salón Valle del Cauca
8:30-10 am  Edificio 346 Salón Valle del Cauca


3-5 p.m. Edificio 355-2010
7-8:30 am
Edificio 340-2012
7-8:30 am Edificio 351-1009
7-8:30 am
Edificio 351-2010


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