2015 Summer Research Program at Delaware

Following the great success of the University of Delaware's College of Engineering Summer Research Program of these last 7 years, they are planning forward to repeat for the Summer 2015. Last year, 15 Visiting Scholars from 6 different institutions have participated in the program. So far, several 'alumni' of these Summer Programs have already returned to the University of Delaware to pursue graduate studies. They expect a few more will be joining them for the Fall 2016 admission.

This year, they are once again looking to attract the best potential Ph.D. candidates from Colombia to do research in Delaware from mid June to mid August 2015. Through this program, the participants will gain a unique access to their ongoing research programs & capabilities and get to know their faculty members, providing a strong advantage when applying for admission to one of their graduate programs. This program is primarily intended for the best Faculty Members with Master degrees and senior-level Master degree students near graduation and interested in pursuing Ph.D. studies abroad. Outstanding undergraduate students in their final year are also encouraged to apply.

For more information please read their WEB page www.eecis.udel.edu/~arce/Partnerships.html

The following areas of study will be accepted:

So that everyone shares the commitment for the success of this program, the outline of the program would be as follow:

1- The visiting scholars (or their home institution) would cover their transportation and Visa costs.

2- Through the program, the University of Delaware & hosting Faculty Members will provide approximately $1500/month stipend for the Visiting Scholars to cover their costs of living in Delaware. Just as they did last year, they are currently in negotiations to offer convenient housing options with the University's housing services.

The procedure to apply for the program is most straightforward:

1- The applicants should prepare a short 2-page resume (with up to 2 research publications attached).

2- The applicant should prepare a 1-page cover letter describing his/her research interests (please be as specific as possible) and identifying up to 3 Faculty Members at the University of Delaware with similar research interests.

3- The applicant should send everything in a single pdf file to Claudia Correa-Pugliese clavicop@udel.edu by email (.pdf files only please) by February 15th, 2015.

Based on the applications they receive, they plan to select around 20 participants for the summer program.

To be ready for this summer, they absolutely need to have received all the applications by February 15 to initiate the applicants-faculty matching based on mutual research interests. They would like to have all the candidates selected by the end of February to make sure we have all the visa, health insurance and housing issues addressed in time. They will then work with the selected applicants on an individual basis to address the pending issues in time to be ready for the summer.

It is critical for everyone to contribute to the success of this experimental program by providing us with your best candidates. The success of this experimental program provides a very strong support for future larger-scale institution and government funding efforts aiming to establish stronger research initiatives between Colombian Institutions and the University of Delaware, including joint doctoral degree programs.

Please Contact:

Gonzalo R. Arce
Charles Black Evans Distinguished Professor
Dept. of Electrical & Computer Engineering
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

Phone: 302-831-1493

Oficina de Relaciones Internacionales-ORI
Teléfonos: (057 2) 3212100 Ext: 2709 – (057 2) 3212100 Ext 2708

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