Curso ‘Retinal Image Analysis’

La Escuela de Ingeniería Eléctrica y Electrónica invitan al curso Retinal Image Analysis dictado por el Profesor Emanuele Trucco. Honorary Clinical Researcher, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee School of Science and Engineering (Computing). NRP Chair of Computational Vision Discipline Head, Computing. VAMPIRE project and CVIP group. University of Dundee

Los tres días del curso se dictarán en el segundo piso del edificio 317, entre las 4:30 y las 5:30 de la tarde.

Martes 17 de noviembre
  • The VAMPIRE research initiative (Vessel Assessment and Measurement Platform for Images of the REtina)
  • Overview of CVIP Dundee research on medical image analysis
  • Algorithms 1: landmark location (eg, optic disc, macula, vasculature)
  • Introduction and initial algorithms
  • Introduction to retinal image analysis
  • Questions and answer, discussion
Miércoles 18 de noviembre
  •  Detection, location and registration 
  • Algorithms 2: landmark location (continued)
  • Algorithms 3: lesion detection and assessment (leakages)
  • Algorithms 4: registration. Case study: registering ultra-wide-field-of-view frames from angiographic exams
  • Questions and answers, discussion
Jueves 19 de noviembre 
  • Algorithms 5: detecting the retinal nerve fibre layer in fundus camera images
  • The retina as source of biomarkers for systemic conditions: framework, clinical studies, challenges, use
  • Machine learning and the retina
  • Validation: needs, methods, importance
  • Questions and answers, discussion

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María Patricia Trujillo Uribe


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